painting 35 A face .... visible energy in constant change.

by Renzo Biolchi

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A face .... visible energy in constant change.

Energy has no form, but it is able to assume it, matter is condensed energy, in it there is the organizing drive towards order, making explicit what is implicit. Energy is universal will and continues to produce new aspects of itself.

I try to represent the basic idea that permeates my thought: "The universe appears to be made up of a multitude of subjects, entities and elements, but all, slowly, and inexorably, are converging towards the ONE , an ABSOLUTE from which everything is derived and towards which everything is converging. It is a concept that I explained in detail in my book entitled: : "l'universo e' una sola anima", available only in the Italian language(at the moment). 

The framework is made up of four 0.16 inch MDF panels with a size of 28.75 inch x 28.75 inch,

fixed to an underlying wooden structure with velcro strips.

The structure is foldable (folded has a size of 28.75 inch x 57.49 inch) to facilitate transport.

CLICK HERE to see the support on which the 4 panels are fixed

CLICK HERE to see the paintings in a furnished interior.

CLICK HERE to see the virtual exhibition of my paintings (for a better usability it is preferable to use the desktop pc).

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