Piazza Roma of Agira

by Cristian Miceli

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Piazza Roma di Agira is also called by the agirini "chiano do sarbaturi" from the fact that it is dominated by the church of SS. Salvatore, one of the oldest churches in Agira, where the Aron is kept inside, a stone cabinet in which ancient scrolls belonging to the Jewish culture were kept. Looking out from this square you can see the whole Agirino landscape and the countryside that surround it, in the late afternoon you can watch the sun set.

 In this work the church of SS. Salvatore (foreground) and the oratory of Maria SS. Del Rosario (in the background).

 The technique used is graphite on Fabriano paper of which the measure is 33x48 centimeters, year of realization 2019.
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