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Sars-Cov 2 came into our lives suddenly, forcefully, and forced us to radically change our lifestyles. The microcosm of one's personal affections, one's home and rediscovering small daily activities were the only possible horizon to face this sudden closure. In this work I represent a sofa, the usual place where we were forced to fight the quarantine in isolation, and a window, the protective partition from a famous, suddenly depopulated, Italian square. At the same time the astonished and at the curious expression of a lazy pet is dreaming of freedom of nature that recovers, in contrast with the interior of inanimate flowers, in memory of the many who have left us.  May 2020. This work participated in “2020 Mestre Painting Price” by “Circolo Veneto” and “Musei Civici” Foundation of Venice :  . The works are always accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. E-mail to contact the painter : [email protected]


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