Rocks : Conversation with a stone.

by Maria Antonella Provaggi

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a detail that opens the eternal.

(By Wislawa Szymborska - Conversation with a stone: I knock at the stone gate - It's me, let me in. I want to pick you in, take a look, respirarti as air. - Go away - says the stone. They are hermetically sealed. Even made apart we will be closed tightly. Even reduced to dust we will not let anyone in. I knock at the stone gate. - it's me, let me in. I come out of curiosity. life is his only chance. I would like to turn to your house, and visit then also the leaf and the drop of water. I have little time to do it. my mortality should move you. - I'm stone - says the stone - and I have to remain serious for strength. Go away. I do not have the muscles to laugh. Busso at the stone gate. - it's me, let me in. They say that in you there are big empty halls, unseen, beautiful vain, deaf, without the echo of any step. you admit that you yourself do you know little. - Sale large and empty - says the stone but in them there is no room. Fine, maybe, but beyond the taste of your poor senses. You know me, but never all the way. With all the surface I turn to you, but my whole interior is filmed elsewhere. I knock at the stone gate - It's me, let me in. I do not seek refuge in you for eternity. I'm not unhappy. I'm not homeless. My world is worth returning. I will come in and go out empty-handed. And as proof of there really I was bring only words, which no one will believe ...)

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