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These paintings are part of a series called "Secret Garden." At one point, after painting landscapes of all kinds, I felt the need to get closer to the subject, leaving the overall vision to dedicate myself to the particular. What interests me describe in this series of works is the intimate perception of things, intangible details, colors unnoticeable if not zooming to the maximum the goal. It is a backward procedure to achieve an abstract view of nature.

In this way, I have need to emphasize the matter that I'm painting, so I decided to use, contrary to my usual, the oil that allows me to get that grain, the roughness in the surface that help me better to describe this little inner world . Also support has its importance because it helps to give matter and physicality of the painting, so I opted for the use of wood or ceramic instead of canvas.

This research, this series of works marked an important point in my painting experience because it allowed me to stop and look inside myself to redefine the objectives and topics of my artistic adventure. Move from the general to the particular involved a completely different approach to my painting, abandoning the more figurative aspect in favor of a more gestural, expressionistic, and often calligraphy.

Continue my journey in search of shapes, colors and textures through my secret garden. It 'a path, above all interior, to discover myself and of my memories that manifest as fragments of things: flowers, leaves, twigs, branches, clear skies or stormy, meadows and deep woods. An enchanted garden where access in times of need when, tired of the noise of everyday life, you feel the need to alienate and fly higher.

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Alessandro Andreuccetti

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