Route number 6

by Federico Cortese

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An original piece from the series “Routes”, oil and pencil on paper, 34 x 34 cm, 2012.

A thin red line on a map evokes a journey, a trip. Immediately we associate it with the idea of ​​travel and exploration, and we perceive that the points that it touches are the most important of that place, or are linked by a common feature that make them interesting for those who will make the trip. Moreover, the expression "the red thread", signifies a link between different concepts, the passing of the same feature from one element to another. But the red line could also represent, instead of the act of the ride, the vehicle of the motion, the medium through which occurs the transmission of information, a synapse. This could then be no more the drawing of a map, but the attempt to represent the way in which our brain elaborates an idea or an argument, and the various key points along the route could be drawers of our memory and our knowledge, opened and used to process that argument.  FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

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Federico Cortese

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