Sunrise in Peschiera

by Franco Volpi

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A morning awakening on Lake Garda with strong colours, a spectacle of light and colours given by an inspired and generous Nature. A sudden flash, a horizon that suddenly opens up as if it were a demonstration of gestural painting, the strong sound of yellows, of a light that opens up pathways with decisive and vibrant brushstrokes. A sky of a thousand nuances, echoes of warm tones in the centre and embroideries of cold colours around it.

The surface of the lake actively accompanies this unfolding of "instruments" for images, a profound musicality flowing over the dark ripples of the surface blues. A kaleidoscopic horizon where sky and earth unite, between the fervour of the high layers and the stillness of black silhouettes of the still slumbering mountains. This is dawn. 

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  1. Luca Burchielli
    Nov 10, 2020, 10:12:18 AM

    complimenti molto bello

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