The Egyptian market

by Antonino Argentati

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Scenes from an Egyptian market filtered through the typical African colors.

Winner of Trophy Eiffel ~ International Competition of painting, sculpture and graphics . This is one of my first paintings . Here I wanted to represent a moment of life to the Egyptian market, emphasizing the typical color contrasts and saturated colors of the fabrics and spices. Attention is directed to objects, typical things of the market ( spices , baskets , fabrics ) while the characters are represented almost completes the scene . That it is also evident from the faces just mentioned and the near absence of the right hand that is lost in the painting, almost without the viewer noticing. The whole scene is illuminated by a warm light that enhances the already warm colors of the market .

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  1. Eterea
    Apr 11, 2019, 2:37:21 AM

    Questo dipinto trasmette forte emozioni..semplicemente straordinario

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