The eye # 1. Opera 3D -Tridimensional

by Carri Emiliano

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The work is a unique example, made on canvas 50X50x4 cm, on 3D canvas, giving it a three-dimensional effect once exposed. Three-dimensional is also the center of the picture, or the central part (yellow / greenish) created with different applications and observing the picture closely has the explosion effect in 3D with a kind of multi-dimensional effect given by multiple layers and application of different colors, worked in transparency and with CAREM-PRO system

Certificate of archiving of the International Archives of Contemporary Arts.

The eye # 1 or the eye, the 3D look of the eye of nature. Artistic restlessness mixed expertly with emotion and creativity by the artist Emiliano Carri in one of his works of the edition "EMCA2018" also exhibited at the MAG from 25 April to 1 May 2018.

Acrylic on canvas, unique example 1/1 of the artist Emiliano Carri.

Certificate of archiving of the International Archives of Contemporary Arts.

Authenticity certificate

Certificate of ownership

Filed on the artist's unique register

Work from the artist's studio.

Unique copy, signed by the artist

Work protected with final protective paint.

Along with this work will be sent all the certificates to attest, retain and increase, the value over time.

All the works by Emiliano Carri are unique, certified and archived at the International Archives of Contemporary Arts.

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  1. Siu
    Jan 21, 2019, 11:50:34 AM

    molto bello, complimenti !!!

  2. Cosmo Bacino
    May 7, 2018, 1:31:34 PM

    complimenti, molto interessante questo stile.

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