The Milk Way from another point of view

by Federico Cortese

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Oil on plaster and plywood, 15 x 53 cm, 2022 (original sold).

From the series “Reliefs”: When we consider a road map or a map of the territory we note that they contain different information that are represented by different means, according to the purpose for which they were created: each time we find colors, symbols and words that recall a precise meaning. What happens if I take these techniques of representation, these symbols, and take off the scope for which they were created and mingle them with each other? Will it be for the reader a text in a foreign language, that is meaningless, or through the world of associations and references that each of us possesses, will generate a new language and associate to those images a new meaning? In these paintings, in particular, I am interested in contours that highlight the points of the territory which are at the same elevation. In my works, they become the borders of different colors or shades, bringing out hidden shapes and concentric curves.

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    Federico Cortese

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