The returno of the Red Baron

by Alessandro Andreuccetti

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The painting can be explored through various levels of reading:

The Red Baron, Manfred Von Richtoffen, is the glittering star admired by everyone and is the idol of the young men who, opening their arms as airplane wings, dream of imitating them. The playful appearance, as witnessed by the foreground figures dressed in patches such as Arlecchino, is also reflected in the Baron's triplet designed as a comic (taken from a Hugo Pratt table). Game, fairy tale, art comedy mix in the composition of the painting.

But the Red Baron also means war and the youth's baldness overlapping death by the red sky in a sad oxymoron: playful death or mortal joy.

We are in Berlin, "the sky above Berlin" is tripped by the red Baron tripling, but as in Wenders's film there are the angels who look silently at the men's gesture. The angels appear as in the poems of Rilke (With a nose on his forehead rejects / binds every constraint, every limit, because his heart passes high and immense cycle / of eternal events ...)

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Alessandro Andreuccetti

18 11,729 57.7 / 100

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