Untitled #111293

by Alessandro Andreuccetti

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The picture was made using various layers of color, starting from a base of acrylic ground on which were then applied oil paint with a spatula. Some details have been highlighted with oil pastels.

The painting is essentially a portrait studio turned into a psychological study of the human figure. The subject resumes fact one of the recurring themes in other paintings and that is what the mask and disguise. What appears is almost never the truth. In this case, the woman's face in the foreground, is surrounded by leaves that suggest the nature, makes us perceive that we are in a friend, relaxed and laid back. On the other hand the spectral light which illuminates the scene and the yellow mask partially covering his face suggest that not everything is as it seems.

The painting, created on canvas with a 2 cm thick wooden frame, is sold unframed but provided with hangers and therefore ready to hang as it is.

This is obviously a unique signed copy of the front and rear along with a certificate attesting to the uniqueness of the work of artist and my data.


The framework comes packed wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap and then sealed in a sturdy cardboard box. Generally use the service provided by Mailboxes etc. that offers ample guarantees of professionalism.

Although I am sure that the work will redeem wide acclaim, if the picture does not like the buyer is entitled to return the work within 14 days of receipt, so call not throw the packaging for reuse for 'eventual return.

Alessandro Andreuccetti

Born in 1955 in San Gimignano, Italy, where he lives and works yet. He studied art and architecture in Florence before starting his work as a draftsman and graphic artist, which runs parallel to that of the painter.

The favorite subjects are the human figure, the life of the cities and the countryside in Tuscany, analyzed through the careful study of shapes, colors and textures.

He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in many Italian cities and the world and his paintings are in private and public collections.

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Alessandro Andreuccetti

18 11,733 57.7 / 100

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