Urban scene

by Delab

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The abstract image of an urban landscape looks like a "texture" of bruised colors. Elementary geometric figures, almost cropped elements of a flat collage of paper collages, follow each other in planets superimposed as the "quintes" of a scenery, creating a sense of illusory spatial depth. The aggregation of color figures and colors that ideally extends beyond the boundaries of the picture, recalls a carpet or even a pavement with inlays of different stones.

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  1. Mario Salvo
    Sep 8, 2017, 3:50:34 PM

    Curiosa e geniale interpretazione di un cocktail tra Klee, Mondrian e Kandinsky in versione moderna. Molto attenta la regia cromatica nelle sfaccettature coloristiche attraverso sapienti sfumature nei vari piani di luce e "di spalla" (d'appoggio) in una tessitura geometrica luminosa ed emozionale, affascinante e "Vivente".


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