Since i was young sketching painting and coping by photos were my passion, in particular i drew animals demonstrating my attituded on paint and my visual memory.

My passion for drawing continued when i was teenager, so i'd decided to take an artistic high school graduation. Here i'd learn life drawing and various artistic technique such as drawing with graphite and charcoal, sculpture.

When i took the graduation i began a conservator course in Accademia delle Belle Arti of Venice. Here i'd studied artistic anathomy and i had a chance to improve my artistic level thank also by comparing myself with other artists came from all over the world.

For personal reasons only after a year in Accademia i've decided to change the school and i started a similar conservation course at Enaip Veneto. After 3 years of studying i took a conservation graduation.

After a pause today i've refound my passion.

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