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Tiziano Pilato was born in Licata a dell'agrigentino country.

He is a passionate of 'Digital Art and photo retouching, he creates works mainly genre fantasy. The monitor is your canvas and the mouse his brush. 

In all his works there is a final effect oil painting that distinguishes its work by making them incredibly realistic. 

Use photos and images that change to the computer with the adobe photoshop program. 

All his works can be printed at very high quality on canvas, photo paper, forex panel, etc .. 

Often uses his face same or friends / acquaintances to include them in his works. 

If you ant to be immortalized in one of his works, or want to have made something original and unique of your loved one, you just need to contact him. 

He works as a freelance web designer in the activity of (websites). You may meet him in Caltanissetta where he currently lives, in Rome (city he loves), or around the world (loves to travel). 

Favorite quote (my): "The life of a human being is made of continuous changes, meet the fight everyone and live every moment with passion as if it were the last."

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