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From june 7 until june 20,at the Le Giubbe Rosse cafe' an interesting exhibithion will be held,of Angela Viti, hyperrealist painter, born in Vinci,who has always felt painting to be a testimony to social reality,current events often dramatic.

She studies at the Art institute Duccio di Buoninsegna in Siena, where she explores the technique of pencil drawing and continues her research as an autodidact ,perfecting herself over the past five years in oil painting.

After years away from any artistic activities,she comes back to partecipate in important collective exhibitions from tuscany, demostrating authentic social sensitivity and humanitarian efforts. She declares "I draw inspiration from news reports ,from inquiries about social issues from photographs of people who live on the borders of society:prisoners,prostitutes,illegal immigrants,refugees.

I can not remain indifferent to all their pain.In my paintings I represent  what happens in the world,what I fell ; my potraits speak of people who live on the edge ,faces that too often remain in the shadows,perhaps because they are difficult to look at,but who are suffering.From this suffering I try to recognize dignity and respect,in order to make it no longer invisible".

Angela Viti portrays in a hyper realistic way"a humanity that, beyond the drama and suffering,expressed by harsh facial features there is great beauty"and by exploring social and urban issues she demonstrates that she has a deep sensitivity and a sincere desire to investigate the social reality,transfigured or interpreted,focusing much of her work on the study of the face and the human figure, whit prospective frame works similar to those we find in photography,sharp contrasts of light and shapes,daring angles,frontal exposures,delineated whit dramatic intensity.

review on the staff issued on the florentine cultural information new spaper Florence is you!

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I attend the state institute of arts Duccio di Buoninsegna in Siena,and then I continued my experience

mastering painting and painting technique such as,pencil watercolor,oil,gauche,acrylic.

Attending painting clasess and whit self tought learnig.

My last exhibitions were mainly collective in Tuscany,and a solo exhibition at Giubbe Rosse cafe' literary center of Florence.

Various group exhibitions associations clubs of fine art in Tuscany:

Pisa expo' exhibition of conteporary art.

Prato March 8 at the headquarters of the studies and documentation collective visual center whit the theme of the woman.

Volterra in cornice a collective exhibition at the Priori Palace.

Book of Empoli artist in collaboration whit Tuscan Culture.

Exhibithion Giubbe Rosse cafe'literal historical in Florence.

Collective exhibition cultural center space Gad art in Florence.

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