Nino Argentati was born in Caltanissetta in May 1970. He graduated in Geological Sciences in 1994. He always had a passion for cartoons and TV shows of adventure, developing a fertile imagination that, in adulthood, exploited for its activities in professional field and play.

He conceived the subject of two adventures of Diabolik: "Victims of intrigue" year XXXI - No. 4 and "The snake within" year XLIV No. 3.

Immediately after graduation Nino Argentati started the business of web designers and web masters professional, honing techniques of computer design and the aesthetic taste for shapes and colors.

He was introduced to oil painting only in recent years, creating a blend of computer graphics, freehand drawing and pictorial art.

His works are influenced by the years spent in front of a computer screen with the intention of realizing websites with original architecture and communication.

Today Nino Argentati paints his works after harmonized shapes and colors on the computer and playing freehand than previously realized with the assistance of his trustworthy Mac.

Use either brushes or spatulas.

Among his most important works are certainly numbered the four paintings dedicated to Pink Floyd