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Antonio Salvato

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Contemporary painter. Acquired the main concepts related to the technique of drawing, color and composition in painting art from books and manuals of famous and well known artists. In solo and important group exhibitions of painting has received critical acclaim from audiences and good adhesion. Interested in the harmonic combinations of colors i.e to pairs that harmonize. Expressing his artistic passion was painting landscapes, still lifes and portraits

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-Painting exhibition organized by the municipality of Scafati-Naples-year 2002 ranked 2nd place

-II view Flegrea-crib art and paintings-Flegrea Association ONLUS "the salt of the Earth"-year 2006  

-The maggio dei monumenti exhibition of handicrafts, painting, sculpture-Flegrea Association ONLUS "the salt of the Earth"-Year 2007  

-8-day of solidarity Edition Nisida Cup SPONSORED by the PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC-Campania region-province and city of Naples-Circle Ilva Bagnoli-Year 2006  

-Solo exhibitions since 2007 to 2016  

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