A long and fascinating roundup of faces with an intriguing "Fantasy" flavor, unusual details and great precision, strong symbolism, but always attached to these portraits of great artistic depth in a very light and gentle way, wide and involving range of colors, from painted with extremely energetic and lively hues to more essentially monochromatic ones. This, in the final analysis, is the pictorial figure of Paola Riva, a quality artist, trained at the “G. Castellini ”of Como, city where he worked for a few years in the creative field in various sectors of activity and with prestigious collaborations, associated first with GAO in Olate di Lecco and then with the“ Bottega dell'Arte ”in Missaglia (Lecco) and with numerous exhibitions and participation in painting competitions behind it, from Lecco to Cesano Maderno, from Olginate to Vercurago, from Galbiate to Olgiate Molgora, from Oggiono to Valmadrera.

Also important for Paola Riva are the numerous Italian painting exhibitions in which she has participated in recent years and with which she has increased and enriched her artistic-cultural background and her communicative experience.

Unlike many of her contemporaries, Riva Paola has an artistic background mainly as a fantasy painter and has a completely personal conception of art and an approach to it. He believes it is important to always take risks and that inspiration can be found in anything you look at.


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