Barbara  born and raised in Italy where she took her first steps in the world of art, dedicating herself mainly to drawing, with charcoal, ink and chalk, but also to photography using both an old Polaroid and a LoMo camera.

In 2011, Barbara moved to Sweden to continue her career as a scientist at the University of Gothenburg, where she become  fascinated by the Nordic art scene. In Sweden Barbara began to paint, mainly abstract subjects.

In 2015, Barbara moved to the United States after obtaining an Assistant Professor position at Temple University in Philadelphia. During her stay in the US, Barbara discovers the intriguing American art scene of modern times, where she draws strong inspiration. Barbara continues her artistic journey through painting with the intention of capturing on canvas the perception of her life abroad.

Having returned to Sweden in 2017, where she still lives, Barbara continues to paint, experimenting with new techniques and materials.

Experimentation has always been a part of Barbara's being. This is a characteristic that she inherited from her professional life as a scientist.

Art provides a variety of techniques, colors and media that combined in different ways help Barbara express herself beyond common language. Each work of art in her collection is representative of inner perception and its relationship with the surrounding environment. Media and technology are tools for giving shape to feelings and thoughts.

The artworks in  her collection are unique, but it is possible to request limited edition prints and commissioned works.

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