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Barbara Orsolini

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Barbara was born in 1982, travels a lot around the world and most of small art pieces were created at the road.

She completed a fine art+design degree in 2002-2007 and have painted since she was three years old. There was a long break in the artist career, working as a photographer. From 2020 she is painting again.

The artist creates bright, kind paintings and characters, accumulating the brightest vibes in her soul and sharing it all to the world. The favourite theme - owls & animals.

Favourite materials are acrylic paints and pastels. Barbara has many artistic influences, such as Impressionism, Semi-Abstract, Ethno art.

Whatever the subject matter, her work is characterized by lots of details and bright colours, different patterns and textures. The main inspiration - vibrating colors of nature. Bright mixing energy of wildlife colors, birds, animals and light are the source to create and interpretate the social life.

Usually Barbara works in an impressionistic style with many layers of paint, expressive colorful strokes and dots. It takes a lot of time to create the paintings due to many details involved.

She is a real creator always seeking new forms of art and techniques to express her inner self.

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2011 - the winner of XX International Festival of Art & Photo "Mill of Fashion"

2012 - First Triennial of Contemporary Art «BelExpoArt-2012»

2014 - "The Best Debute" prize on art & sculpture exhibition of National Center of Modern Arts

2014 & 2015 - International Art Exhibitions "Panna Doll'a", Art Palace.

December 2019 - February 2020 Personal Art Exhibition "Fairytale Time",

March - May 2020 Everyear Art Exhibition "Monet, Shishkin, Malevich", National Center of Modern Art

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