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Bruno Pessani was born in 1937 in Milan, mother from Tuscany father from Lombardy.

He started painting from self-taught, he attended  courses of naked painting , watercolor, artistic artwork (Etching, Dart, Aquatint, Vernis at Noir and others).

His favorite subjects are rural and urban landscapes, still life and flowers.

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He attended some  Milan's artistic groups, among the most significant of the Painters of Via Bagutta, the Painters of Naviglio Grande, the artistic group of Rosetum and Garbagnate art.

He has set up more than forty personal exhibitions and has participated in numerous paintings competitions, obtaining several significant awards. 

It is listed on: Il Quadrato - Comanducci Catalog 76 - Monteverdi Catalog - Catalog of Contemporary Painting Prices. 

They talked about him: Mario Portalupi - Davide Lajolo - Dino Villani - Giorgio Falossi - Antonio De Bono - Ibrahim Kodra - Romano Fatterelli - Valerio Pilon and others.

Quotes: La Notte - Il Giorno - Arte Mercato - La valigia diplomatica - La Zattera - Fra Ginepro - Lombardia Notte - La Provincia - La cucina italiana - Cavalletto e Tavolozza.

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