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Somethings about me

I look at the sea after a storm, the wind caresses my skin and the strong smell of saltiness marries with the bright colors of the atmosphere, a solitary sail ventures the exit into the sea while the clouds stand out on the horizon still threatening.
The melange of things perceived by our senses often caresses our soul making it vibrate, vibrates like the strings of a violin touched by the bow of the skilful musician emitting a marvelous music, emotions.
The vibrations take on changing shapes and colors and it is often difficult to circumscribe them in a painting, it almost seems to enclose a beautiful wild bird in a cage.
But a painting is not something static, it’s alive! Just allow yourself to be caressed by its frequency and almost magically it will begin to offer us its messages.
I love immense horizons, always different skies, even if life is damn short!

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 I started drawing, modeling and playing as a boy, I always privileged to invent subjects rather than copy. 

Draw something new whether it came from the heart or from the mind. 

My creative vein swings like a pendulum, once I scribble with emotions, quickly drawing imaginary faces and once drawing concepts. 

I started with pencil drawings, then sanguine watercolor and finally in oil. 

I have participated in several collective exhibitions. 

I have always helped the observer of one of my works to let go by accompanying him with my short descriptions.

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