Carlo Vercelli was born in Savona in 1956; he finds his freedom to express his feelings by painting. He prefers using his paint brushes and his hands as “primary tools” instead of words.

He has an academic background, and spent a big amount of time in a place which was considered the cradle of Scapigliatura in Lombardy; in this place he could meet and work with big artists, such as the painter Eros Pellini, the sculptor Renzo Zacchetti and the illustrator Mario Uggeri, who fill his life with coloured and grey nuances, just like the brushes he puts on his paintings.

His works are a real visual diary, a trip towards the discovery of a universe in continuous change, reread with his personal expressive view. A deep personal research, but also the aim to transmit a message full of values.

The artist looks at the tradition of new figuration, the abstract elements are transformed to get to the typical intimacy of the Italian tradition in the first half of ‘900.

His works become charismatic, with his emotions and standpoints on actual themes, leading to a deep reflection on what you can see and on what fills the empty spaces, left so intentionally by the painter.

Egon Schiele , Willem De Kooning e Joaquín Torrents Lladó, are his preferred reference points for his painting which, he says, should be “not functional, but emotional and reflective”.

He often paints women, who push the audience to look beyond the ephemeral aesthetic side, to get to the real. “Women I paint are not muses, the woman is life, she is the one who walks with you even after her own death”.

He has partecipated to a considerable number of solo exhibitions

He lives and works in Italy, near Milan.