Emiliano Carri was born in Florence in February 1975.

After completing his studies, he embarked on a long advertising and creative career that led him to collaborate both in print and on the web with several successful campaigns and slogans that are still well impressed in our minds.

In 2010, intrigued by the world of abstract and contemporary art, he approached it, first as an observer, and then began his career as an artist, only afterwards, after having studied the various techniques.

Always looking for and experimenting with new techniques, in 2017 after having created some works and working on some installations, he let himself be guided by his primary instinct and chose to impress his creativity, emotions and sensations on canvases, innovating and looking for his style , inventing its special editions and techniques "The eye" and Explosion ", a unique and exciting style.

Artist listed on MAG.

"I do not inspire anyone, I look, I look, curious as a child, a lover of nature and art, I guess, ... But then it's just my instinct, my soul and my genius, mixed with madness, that drive the my hand and my mind, every time I have a blank canvas in front of me ".

Emiliano Carri.

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