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Rita Amato was born in Naples on 12 August 1975. As a child, emerges clearly her need to espress herself using the creative language of drawing and painting. She sttended the art school with good results and then decides to enroll the course of decoration at the Academy of fine arts in Naples. The artist is practiced and perfected the painting in relief, both in the construction of funds, which in overlapping layers of color, to reach the surface of the canvas. She devoted herself to decoration on glass, wood and terracotta objects, designing and choosing original decorations.  Follows a symbolic use by using unconventional colors that reveal messages that the painting wants to express. The color, without much importance for design, along with the painting in relief also evident, become the reason that make her recognizable style. This style is intimate and poetic.

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The artist partecipates in the pictorial review of the association "Agorà Arte" for the "Maggio dei monumenti", sponsored by the city of Naples in 2005 and received the critic's prize of the jury with the opera " Passione in croce ". Later joins the cultural association "Arianna", a cultural center, and took part in the second edition of "Vibrazioni", with the picture "Cala Speranza" at the first stage in Furore (Sa). She also partecipates in the second leg of the exhibition "Vibrazioni II", itinerant festival nonprofit, in support of humanitarian missions and uncomfortable situations in the world, under the auspices of "Unicef Campania", presented in Naples, at the chapel of San Severo, also as art critic of the review. She exposes and sells the painting " L'anelito del Sentimento", a selfportrait based on uncomfortable situations for women. The artist is also editor of culture and art section of "Il giornale di Casoria", the local news portal of North Naples. She follows other painters with critical reviews in articles and in customized reviews in their brochure.

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