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Christian Bargèl

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Born in Copenhagen May 13th 1963.


Since childhood I have always been fascinated by paintings and colours.

In 1997 I moved to Siena and for several years I have lived in Montalcino painting more than 200 pictures.

Beeing an artist is not a choise. It is a state of mind. When I am painting - mostly oil on canvas - I express my concept of reality. Once painted the work becomes a reality itself.

Abstraction is my primary aim and passion, but I am well aware of the difficulties implied - half a nose, half a smile is enough to make the whole world consider it a portrait.

In fact I very much like painting portraits, beeing however more interested in expressing the abstract aspects of the subject not merely the visible physical appeareance. Portraits where I can create the iconography instead of copying images already known. I want to create not copy. The concept of my portraits is therefore very often abstract.

No more words - the paintings tell their own stories.

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27/02-02/03 2019    "Premio Eccellenza Europea delle Arti" , Palazzo Velli, Roma.

05/01-24/02 2019    "1° Premio Creativity Art in The World", ArtExpò Gallery, Cesenatico.

24-28/11 2018    "Stay on Art", Palazzo della Cancelleria Vaticana (Arte Borgo Gallery/M.F.Events),  Roma.

From september 2018    Exhibition at Hotel Giogliano, Radicondoli, Siena.

September 2018    Selected for the "Biennale Internazionale delle Fiandre".

26/7 2018   "Primo Premio Arte Palermo", Capitale delle Cultura 2018. Teatro Biondo, Palermo 26 Luglio 2018.

Luglio 2018    Added in the catalogue "Archivio",  Arte del nuovo millennio, grafics of Vittorio Sgarbi. EffettoArte (ISBN 978-88-941280-3-1).

Maggio 2018    Two paintings presented in the catalogue "L'Essenza",  ArtExpò Gallery.

Aprile 2018    Two paintings chosen for "120 quadri e qualcuno in più" vol. 01/18, on-line art catalogue, PitturiAmo.

14-22/04 2018   "Premio Van Gogh", Complesso Monumentale Guglielmo II (Museo Sciortino), Monreale.

16-19/03 2018    "Premio Internazionale dei Dogi", "Venezia Art Expo", Biennale delle Nazioni, Scuola Grande Della Misericordia, Venezia.

Marzo 2018    Selected to partecipate at “Premio Biennale Golden Palm of the Visual Art 2018”, Hotel Radisson Blu, Nizza.

10/02-10/03 2018    Partecipation “Art Walk”, Palazzo Zenobio, Venezia.

27/01-14/02 2018    Group exhibition "L'immagine e l'immaginario", Arte Borgo Gallery, Roma.

19-21/01 2018    Winner "Premio Internazionale Brunelleschi - PitturiAmo", Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi, Firenze, with "Portrait of Kim".

Gen. 2018   "Collezione Sgarbi", two paintings chosen for the Sgarbi Collection: "Etrusca in fuga di... chi sa che pesce è" and "Colori in vista".

12-18/01 2018    Group exhibition "Nebbie", Spazio Area Contesa Arte, Roma.

15/12 2017-08/01 2018    Group exhibition "Christmasart", Arte Borgo Gallery, Roma.

23/11-07/12 2017     Group exhibition "Work in progress", Palazzo Saluzzo, Genova.

Summer 2015    Exhibition. Feriepark Langeland, Langeland, Danimarca.

Spring 2014    Exhibition. Tullebølle Kro, Langeland, Danimarca.

2000-2013    Several exhibitions in the Province of Siena.

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