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I was born in Brescia in 1964. I was about six years old when I found myself standing in front of a fountain. I touched a goldfish.... almost on impulse I pulled it out of the water.... by putting it down on the ground... it’s fate, unknown to me...was already written in the stars..... after a while.... it gave no sign of life...so I hurried towards my home. Only, reckoning with my conscience , shaken by what had happened, my eyes met those criss-crossed gazes of the passers- by.....incredible, as if they were full of reproach towards me, I thought.......but how can they possibly know that I have just killed a little fish!!?? At last, once at home, in my bedroom, without even realising it, I felt a kind of indignation for what I had done, I realised on my own skin that I had reckoned with “sin”..

And in a childlike way , i thought.... from now on I will try to do only good, and I will seek out only beauty. So, I began to paint, and paint even more, and in my free time, I thought, ...I will paint.And only when I felt ready for it, having copied many things, did I take flight.... leaving the nest with all my experience behind me, but ahead of me despite the exhilaration of the free flight, I already knew what I could have unconditionally asked of my limitless skills..... the moment to paint had arrived... I simply had to express myself..... get to the Heart of the observer...as it was getting straight to me . I’m still flying and apart from the occasional landing, my artistic spirit remains up there.

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Exhibitions at “Arti e mestieri”- Malonno (BS), Italy

Participation in the arts’ review “Maggio brenese”- Breno (BS), Italy

One-man exhibition at Villa Calini- Erbusco(BS), Italy


One-man exhibitions in Ponte di Legno(BS)Italy

Participation in “Familiari vedute”-Ceto(BS), Italy

Exhibitions at”La tavolozza”- Pisogne(BS), Italy


Exhibitions at “Ere de Natal”-Monte/Temù(BS).Italy

Exhibited in New York(USA)


Lainate Arts’ Review(Italy)-3rd. prize

Ferrara(Italy)-“Realtà ed Emozione, omaggio a Corot”-2nd place

Nice(France)- Expò Art- award for artistic talent

Montecarlo(Monaco)-Nobel dell’ Arte-European award for art

Porto Venere(Italy)-Gran Gala dell’Arte- winner of the critics’ prize

Cannes(France)-Salon d’Art Méditerrané- prize for artistic merit

Trofeo Città di Sirmione(Italy)- Leone d’oro(winner) for artistic quality

Forlì(Italy)-Vernice Art Fair

Bienno(Italy)-Omaggio a Bienno, Borgo d’Italia


Paris(France)- Emotions méditerranéennes

Milan(Italy)- Collettiva Ars Italica

Exhibition”Città di Cremona” (Italy)

Exhibits in Estonia


Exhibiton(Expo) at the Lingotto, Turin(Italy)

Roses, Barcellona (Spain)-Italian exhibition

Exhibits at the Grand Hotel, Como(Italy)

Selected by the “Scuola Richin”, Rovato(BS, Italy) for possible artwork for the Sheikh of Qatar

Franciacorta (BS,Italy)- Arte in Villa


Brussels(Belgium)-Premio Personalità Artistica Europea

Premio Internazionale per la Pace(International Peace Prize)- G.O.M.P.A(UN accredited)

Salvatore Russo-I Segnalati( a selection of artists for Vittorio Sgarbi)


Participation - Bebopart- Porto Franco, with a review by Vittorio Sgarbi

“Sandro Pertini” Memorial, Savona(Italy)


Exhibits at the Barcellona Biennale (Spain), with a review by J.V.R.Dalì

Exhibits at “Dal Caravaggio ai nostri tempi”-Palazzo del Bramante-Rome(Italy)

Exhibits at the Quirinale, Rome(Italy)in the sale dei Dioscuri

Exhibits in the Crypt of St. Pancras Cathedral – London(U.K.)

Exhibits at the JW Marriott Resort- Isola delle Rose-Venice(Italy)

Participation in “Artists for UNICEF” event

Participation in the “Milan Biennale “( supervised by Vittorio Sgarbi)

Participation in “Primo Premio Internazionale della Cultura”( supervised by Vittorio Sgarbi)

Works published -in the collections”Valle Camonica Terra d’Arte”/”Arte lombarda sul percorso della strada Valeriana”/”I colori della Valle”

-in some issues of the magazines Euroarte/Boè/Effetto Arte

-in the monographs”Realtà ed emozione”/”La vie en rose”

-in the volume “I Segnalati” by Salvatore Russo

-in the volume “Porto Franco”” artisti sdoganati by Vittorio Sgarbi

-on the following websites:



Since 2008 the painting “Neve tra i Rami” has been on exhibition in the Museo di Valle Camonica, Breno(BS; Italy)

Historical perspective of artistic activity in Correnti Artistiche Internazionali a Confronto, nel XX1 secolo, - Thomas J Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum , New York


-Biennale Nazionale CITTA di ASOLO(Italy)-Premio Joan Mirò

3rd December 2016

-Historical perspective of artistic activity- 25 th November 2016

Shortly the artist will be in “Correnti Artistiche Internazionali a Confronto, nel XX1 Secolo.

It will be presented at the Cité Internationale Universitaire, Paris(France) and placed in the archives in the Thomas J Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum, New York(USA)

-Museo Albrizzi, Venice(Italy)- The painting “Lo Spirito del Fiume” is currently exhibited

in the Albrizzi Museum, Venice, having been awarded the prize ”Premio San Marco”

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