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I started painting on impulse from the 80s, self-taught, looking deeply at all the painting that had always fascinated me since I was a kid, like that of the French Impressionists, the post-impressionists, Van Gogh, and all the painting in genre of the early twentieth century as that of Carrà and De Chirico. I immediately dived into baths of oil colors adoring also the consistency, the pastiness and the smell. I soon directed myself to create a personal landscape minimalism, made of geometric encumbrances to which I gave three-dimensionality through the study of the atmospheres that created light and shadows in the various hours of the day, excluding human presences but tracing only the relative traces in shells empty dwellings that represent them. Lately I am passionate in the study and accurate reproductions of the painter of the american realism of the '900 Edward Hopper, without leaving at the same time to start, by contrast, to find my freedom of expression through an abstract and informal research path that I am still continuing to do.

I exhibited almost exclusively on the internet, except for a few collective exhibitions at the end of the nineties, like in the "Studio Logos" gallery in Rome in Trastevere and in any case I sold several paintings to private collectors in the first online auction sites of the late '80s and' 90s .

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