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Among variety of colors scattered and undefined figures, the art of David Panebianco is expressed through a strong impact of surrealism, where the image goes beyond any form of pre-established pattern, sublimating and conveying emotion in his full irrazionalità.La history of the artist expresses a fair existential tension, which results in a constant search for self through life experiences, a little more than 40 years, in more places and environments disparati.Dalla native Milan, a land of early childhood, to adolescence and early youth spent in the South Italian, between the small province of Caserta and Rome, the. Eternal City, up to a series of long stays abroad, Mature Adult: UK (London and Dublin) Spain (Malaga, Seville, Tenerife) and American overseas of impressive and ultramodern Miami.E 'propio in Florida that begins to take shape a form of authentic and spontaneous art. "suddenly" not coincidentally the name of art that David is allowed to D.inbianco pronunciation and 'proprio "out of the blue", also taking into account its real nome.L'artista, observing the rise of his quarters the megalopolis that stretches on 'ocean, it let go completely tones and colors that inspired suggests, easing their egos from the brakes and the compulsions imposed by the frantic quotidianità.Il result is a kind of romantic and lysergic sharing propio I, through the incompleteness and indefiniteness of the image, beyond the forms dictated by realtà.Come come out of conventionalism and stereotypes, in homage to the purest and most absolute freedom interiore.Un 'illusion? A 'utopia? Perhaps, but the emotions experienced by those who paint and those who appreciate are true and remain in the memory with the' opportunity to act as a sap for everything 

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