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Diego Bazzano was born in Sanremo in 1952, from an early age he had a particular interest in drawing which he learned from his father, an amateur artist. To live after having worked in some companies in Piedmont, where he moved at an early age with his family, he became a Professional Nurse, a profession that will accompany him until retirement. Despite all the interest in painting and art in general, they remain a very important milestone in his life. In the 90s, during breaks from work, he attended evening courses for Artefice at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, and enjoyed experimenting with different pictorial and material techniques in the years to come. He currently focuses on a classic technique where he denounces the malaise and decadence of our society. In addition to this, his portraits are highly appreciated and requested, which for privacy reasons cannot be proposed on the site. He has collective and personal exhibitions both local and national, he has been present and appreciated in several competitions both in art galleries and on the internet.

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After having experimented over the years many techniques in the field of painting, having attended in the 90s the course for artists at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan) and having achieved some successes in the national context with collective and personal exhibitions with subjects of surrealist inspiration on sandblasted canvases, in the last ten years he has devoted himself exclusively to the subject. Material that has distorted, burned, aged, oxidized: the Redox are in fact abstract, textured paintings, made on canvas using jute, iron, copper, enamels, vinavil, plaster, stones, rope, plastic, blowtorch, paints polyurethane, acids. In 2009 he participated in the "il sign" award at the Zamenhof Gallery in Milan, obtaining an honorable mention, in 2019 he participated in the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art at the Accorsi Arte Gallery in Turin, also in 2019 he participated in the Padua Art Fair and also at the Accorsi Gallery an exhibition of Contemporary Art "Art under the tree". At the beginning of 2020, however, he also abandons the Redox to undertake a new path that fascinates him, the visionary description of our sick society and on the verge of self-destruction, with subjects of classical matrix (oil on canvas) reduced to the last stage of their existence, rotten, skeletal, now useless and to be thrown away. However, Bazzano especially loves to present his works to the person concerned, so as to personally accompany him in the presentation and emotional knowledge of the work in question.

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