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I am an essentially self-taught artist with regard to the pictorial technique. About half of the value of my results is due to the so-called innate "talent", which each, or most, has in a certain field or discipline. I not only create pictorial works, but also in other creative areas, from design (furniture objects) to sculpture, experimenting with different materials and techniques (resin, wood, cement, 3D origami, recycled materials such as plastic and aluminum, etc.). As for painting, I started painting in oil, but then for convenience and speed of use I switched to acrylics, relegating the colors to oil only for portraits (especially with the dry brush technique). They are also practical in the use of other techniques such as watercolor, ink technique (which I use for comics and manga), as well as pencil and charcoal. This is because, in my opinion, when there is a good basis in the art of drawing, you can then choose between different pictorial techniques. The conception of space and other aspects of composition I owe to my architectural studies, which sometimes help me (perspective, proportions,  measurement scale etc.) other times hinder my expressiveness and imagination a little.  Also in my university studies, I got to deepen the History of Art and learn about the works of the great Masters, to which I have occasionally, in the past, been inspired to grasp some teachings, especially on the use of color.

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