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Elena was born in Russia (Volgograd), but from 2000 she lives in Italy. Happy woman, wife and mother. Artist since childhood, but professionally become a painter since 2019.

Elena copmpleted a paintig course at Alexander Grigoryev-Savrasov's Art School (2020-2021) and then at Natalia Bazhenova's Art School (2022).

Elena partecipates in online art competitions, she is part of the cultural associations of Rimini  and surrounding areas. Also Elena organize and partecipates in collective and personal exhibitions all over the Italy and online in international competitions.

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Personal exhibition at Rimini Terme in june 2021.

1st and 2nd places (with 2 paintings) in international festival "Golden time talent" in July 2021.

Collective exhibition at "Astoria" of Rimini october-november 2021.

Collective exhibition at gallery of Verucchio (Rimini, Italy) dicember 2021-january 2022.

Participant selected for the exhibition of Italians painters at Martina Franca (Taranto, Italy) "Image Festival 11th edition" at dicember 2021.

Collective exhibition at the centre "I Malatesta" of Rimini in january 13-23 of 2022.

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