Efrem Favetta is an Italian artist born in Frili-Venezia-Giulia on July 1994.

After ending the high school studies in 2013 obtaining an high school diploma in information technologies at I.T.S.T. J.F. Kennedy Institute in Pordenone (Italy) in 2015 fulfilled a two years of specialization getting a diploma in high level technologies for software systems development methodologies in the area of integrated applications on mobile devices at I.T.S. J.F. Kennedy Institute in Pordenone (Italy).

Since childhood the appreciations for the great art masters in particular the use of informal and abstract took him, in 2016, into the idea of resuming a leisure time art format started at elementary school characterized by the use of simple lines to create a design pattern.

The first practical approach came when at the age of 21, living in Granada (Spain), an artwork of over 100·000 lines on a 2x3mt vertical surface was realized.

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