Elena Prosperi began his artistic studies in Florence, where she studied sculpture, and then continue their studies in Carrara, decoration, and finish it in Ravenna, Mosaico.

He devotes the first years of her artistic production to the knowledge and the fusion of different techniques and materials, from which are born artworks rich of symbols and fantastic images.

Currently she is dedicated to the realization of mosaic portraits of icons of music and film.
These works, with a strong realistic sense, investigating in depth the artist represented, trying to emphasizing both his personality, and the other elements that have helped to make it an icon in the popular imagination.
In many of these works the use of photoluminescent material allows you to give life to the work once the lights went out, making it appear phrases or quotes by the artist himself.

During the years of study and not, elena has participated in numerous group exhibitions and events throughout Italy (Florence, Pisa, Massa-Carrara, Rome, Ravenna, Vibo Valentia) and abroad (Cuba, France, Spain, U.S.).

Currently she is engaged in Bottega di Mosaico /Art LAb

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