Elina Starshynina, is a self-taught artist born in Sevastopol in Russia.

Since she was a child she has a marked aptitude for painting .

His attention is dedicated to the painting of paintings and more, but in particular the acrylic, where he expresses his predilection with an abstract and characteristic style. His paintings are what he perceives his soul and using bright or soft colors based on what he feels at the moment of his inspiration,inspiration, his style tries to communicate with those who look at his paintings .. The way to create the His works are unique because they are inspired by the depths of the soul.

Elina is constantly looking for personal artistic evolution .... without respite ... with continuity. He is referring to artists purely from the Russian school, such as Kandinsky who said that the colors were many keys of a piano that made vibrate the soul, Chagall, Goncharova or Vodkin.

Today Elina loves executing paintings where the subject is hidden among the colors ... trying to move the imagination of his works.