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Since childhood I have always loved art, at an early age, about 8 years old, I was delighted to create portraits of my relatives while they slept, or carried out daily activities, for this passion I chose the artistic high school as the beginning of my training.

I often make works that have an intrinsic meaning, sometimes they can also seem like rebus or simply works in works.

Loving any form and a method of artistic expression I have done self-taught studies for digital graphics programs.

I believe that: "Any material can be a brush and any material can be a canvas, nothing can stop the imagination and the want to create and express of an artist" so I do not focus on a singolar or specified technique, but I use the technique that I prefer at that time , this is why you will find my very varied gallery from acrylic paintings, watercolors, pencils, to digital.

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- Illustrations, paintings

- Photo editing and photo manipulation of images

- Coordinated graphics (paper, business cards, gadgets, etc.)

- logos

- web graphics, wordpress customization, or e-commerce (magento, prestashop), images for landing pages

- Flyers and brochures

Since childhood I have always loved art, this has brought me to choose the artistic high school as a path.

Being attracted by digital art, I  self-taught studied Clip Studio Paint, Paint tool Sai, and Adobe programs, such as Photoshop, and Illustrator, and then continue the study by following courses, also learning how to use  Camera Raw and Lightroom (used for photo editing).

I also attended a 3DS Studio Max course for rendering interiors.

I participated in the "Premio Internazionale Arte Milano", qualifying among the selected ones.

I won several competitions in China, Japan and America, the last one: SMA-EX2 ILLUSTRATION AWARD qualifying in the  "Happier!" section.

I am part of an artistic group with which we carry out various exhibitions and events.

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