Erika Cilona was born in Rome on the 29th November 1976, but now lives in the beautiful county of Surrey situated in the south east of England.

One of her favorite pastimes is strolling through the English countryside with her Cocker Spaniel  Ginger, surrounded by nature's  calm and tranquility.

Her love of nature flows over into all that surrounds her in everyday life and is a constant source of contemplation and inspiration to her. This is portrayed so beautifully through her paintings where she becomes a story teller through the mediums of pastels, acrylics, oil & watercolor. Watercolor is her preferred and it is where she feels most confidently able to express herself totally and completely using brush strokes  that create a sweet harmony of colors that flows in perfect agreement.

Erika's artistic talent progresses with passion and enthusiasm transporting  her on a life-long and most beautyfully rewarding journey of artistic development.