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was born in Palermo on June 26, 1966 but grew up in Alpignano, a small town in the province of Turin.

Thanks to his maternal uncle, a painter by profession, began to appreciate and love this art. Self-taught, he composed the first colored landscapes with pencils, then switched to oil painting, creating the first canvases. In 2009 he discovered the vivacity of acrylics and its diverse employment opportunities, and it is precisely this type of paint that is fully dedicated.

-A few of his works have been exhibited at the art gallery "Il tulipano" of Rome. 

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-Turin, via lagrange, september 2013 group show

-varazze (sv), September 2014 international exhibitions at palazzo jacopo

Some of my works are permanently exhibited at the art gallery "il tulipano" in Rome.

-2014, siart designe contract, pictures of four of my works were used to be printed on smart pack panels, poster and all size bills.

- some of my works are exhibited at "fatti d'arte" in anversa.

-October 2015, group show arranged by sequeart in Carlo Alberto square in Turin.

-interviewed by Alberto zuccalà for the blog "il tendone".

-November 2015, with a work take part in a competition organized by the cultural association azimut, Piedmont origin of the European art. The painting will be showed for four months at the department of heritage and tourism of the piedmont area.

-November 2015, group show arranged by sequeart in via Rome in Turin.

-February 2016, group show in via Rome in Turin

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