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Federica and Loris Bortolin, a daughter and a father with a passion for beauty and harmony.
Both rediscover the pleasure of painting after a long period of "drowsiness". Federica and Loris try to grasp the essence of things and show it to the world.

Federica prefers people, faces and their many facets. Try to leak the truth out through detailed analysis of expressions and postures, in all the splendor of human nature. She loves to reproduce scenes of everyday life, historical characters, mythological subjects and the faces of people close to her. She is attracted in particular by Caravaggio and by those themes that lead to reflect on a profound moral sense, on beauty but also on the extreme caducity of earthly life.

Loris is oriented towards landscapes. It prefers the mountains with its unspoiled nature and the quiet of the woods. He loves to dilute the atmosphere of the four seasons on the canvas with plays of light and shadows, making tangible sensations and emotions that are felt in close contact with the elements. In particular, he loves playing with warm autumn colors, recreating halos of dreams, quiet and waiting. His interest is directed to well-known painters such as Van Gogh and Monet, but also to lesser-known artists such as P. Lande. Loris also loves to try his hand at abstract art, communicating emotions through the hidden and veiled effect of things.

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Federica and Loris Bortolin are self-taught painters.

Both participate in the art exhibition Primo Premio Internazionale PitturiAmo (Premio Internazionale Brunelleschi) >>> https://www.pitturiamo.eu/eventi/successo-primo-premio-internazionale-darte-pitturiamo/, which took place on selection (see criticisms by Paolo Levi in the section) and held at the Palazzo Ximènes Panciatichi, Florence, from 19 to 21 January 2018. Exhibited works: "Lady with an ermine" (Federica) and "A wooded path in autumn" (Loris). Limited edition personalized art catalogs by EA Editore. LORIS IS CHOSEN AMONG THE TEN WINNERS WITH "A WOODED PATH IN AUTUMN". Honor recognized to Loris by means of a personalized plaque.

Loris participates with the work "A Wooded path in autumn" at the Biennial Venezia Art Expo 2018 - Exhibition of Nations, held at the Scuola Grande della Misericordia, Venice, from 16 to 19 March 2018. Awarding of Venezia Art Expo certificate with criticism by EA Editore (see "criticism" section). Awarding of Premio Internazionale dei Dogi certificate to the artist Loris Bortolin for his artistic value.

Federica participates from 15 December 2018 to 15 March 2019 in the exhibition-competition organized by the art gallery "La Spadarina". Work exhibited: "The Fisherman and the Siren".

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