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Ricardo Felix Feltrin (born 1991) is a contemporary artist. He was born in a small town outside of Venice, to an Italian father and Dominican mother. He started his self-taught career has since taken him to global locations that include Austria and the United States. Because of his roots and his experiences, which included frequent visits to the Dominican Republic, his art has a global viewpoint only matched by his thirst for global experiences. At the tender age of 12 Felix started experimenting with colors in his graffiti paintings of the time and has never looked back. Because of his unique background Felix’s art is unmistakably in celebration of what it means to stand out in the crowd. As a contemporary artist he is equally rooted in the traditions of art as well as the inexhaustible supply of the current moment. Emotion is by far the central theme in his work, as Felix says he would like to share with the world a tangible piece of his momentary emotions. His emotional state, which he says is acutely influenced by the location he happens to be at that particular moment, creates a desire to create in different places. One art critic recently noted “the moving and fantastic element in the emotional intensity of color that combines the real with imagination, poetry, and sense with reason.” Mixed media dominates his artwork, with a fond focus on the street-meets-museum style of mixing spray and acrylic. This is perhaps the first thing people comment on about his art. Yet, the drive behind the artistic vision is the need to be free. Freedom is therefore a big theme for this artist, who sees the intertwined fates of his life experiences and his artistic expression. No country is too far, no culture too difficult to adopt, and no language too foreign to dream.

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