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Genetically imprinted in the DNA from an early age, the desire to discover new things, then developed over the years, with the need and desire the world in which he lives to the technological possibilities. Always been keen on the technology since the Commodore 64 times, until you find out and make that important part of the field of his life and his work. Block the moments of the world around him by pressing the dslr button, this passion also born as a child, seeing thousands of moments imprinted on old family photo papers. Gasoline of his life is the love that binds him to a few people, but many of them would like to find small fragments by seeking them right where maybe there are more but they have left a mark in .... lost places. In every human mind all that circulates inside is supported by real conscious of fulfilling the righteous acts. In each of us these just moments often provoke the desire to be able to take actions and thoughts that are often beyond our attitudes. So every day we try to run as fast as possible towards the road that leads us to the frontier of our abilities, creating that behavior called CHALLENGE ... the challenge that every day any human on earth celebrates, in various ways, but always with a one end ... happiness, or simply that single moment that brings your face to form a smile when you can or "pass" the famous frontier. I have gathered all these moments that bring joy in his daily.

His "photographic vein" was born from Art's friendship always that ties him since the days of milk teeth. Growing technique and vision of the subject in the viewfinder of the camera led him to try to block that moment that arouses a thought not yet clearly focused, but that makes him feel free. Over the years and with the desire to show what produces participates in national and European exposures where there is a good interest. The favorite shots are those in places where the salitudine is created around him when it imprisons the frame on the sensor of his car. It does not have favorite subjects, or better shots than others but all are moments lived.

The technological concept is born instead primarily by curiosity and later by the studies. The desire to understand "what's inside" or "how" have made currently able to be well placed and capable in the business and IT subjects. its good professionalized communication talents drifted further the interest in things and people around him which loves bringing.

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