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Let's immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of Franca Dariol, an artist born in the evocative setting of Treviso in 1970 and now living in Meolo (VE) Italy together with her beloved son. Her artistic career has deep roots, having obtained a diploma at the Liceo Artistico Statale di Treviso, in the section that projected her towards the enchanting Academy of Fine Arts.

After finishing high school, Franca took part in some group exhibitions that dotted the Treviso area, with works inspired by the surreal, cubism and also by figurative representation, which captured the public's attention. Until 2012, a long break due to family and professional commitments didn't stop his creative spirit, on the contrary, it reinvigorated it.

2015 marked a new chapter in Franca's artistic evolution. A deep interest in psychic art, the discovery of talents and their psychic expression, have guided her towards new horizons. This passion prompted her to present her first solo show, a magical event with an evocative title: "The talent of psychic drawing, expression and care of the soul". The following year, Franca amazed again, orchestrating and participating in a group show dedicated to psychic art: an emotional journey guided by psychic sensitivity itself.

Her success continued with great momentum, leading Franca to a bold exhibition in 2019 at the sumptuous Palazzo Toaldi Capra_exhibition space, located in Schio di Vicenza. But her works know no borders, and so Franca had the honor of exhibiting in two renowned group exhibitions: at the Palazzo Albrizzi Capello in Venice and even in London, at the Craft Central.

And now, in the summer of 2023, after having faced various challenges and choices, Franca decides to embrace artistic activity wholeheartedly, completely immersing herself in that magical and vibrant dimension that is so dear to her. His creations continue to inspire and enchant, and his journey in art continues to be enriched with new nuances and emotions, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary scene.

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From 16 September 2023, for about two months:

"Abstract-material symphony - the psychic exploration of Franca Dariol"

La Bottega dell'Espresso La Caffetteria - Meolo - VE - Italy

Between 2021 and 2023 - she exhibits with small local personal exhibitions, between Treviso and Venice:

"Material and psychic creations"

15 April - 14 May 2021 - Collective exhibition by invitation:

The Line Contemporary Art Space at Mixing Identities at the Craft Central, The Forge, 397-411 Westferry Rd, Island Gardens, Isle of Dogs, London, UK.

15 October - 29 November 2020 - Collective exhibition by invitation:

Borders Festival - Future Landscapes - It's Liquid International Art and Architecture Festival - Venice, Italy.

Venice International Art Fair; Albrizzi-Capello Palace.

28 September - 6 October 2019 - personal exhibition:

"Psychic creations and creatures - selected drawings, canvases and tables" - Palazzo Toaldi Capra - Schio (VI) Italy.

3 February 2019 - curator of:

"The world of color and spontaneous drawing - beyond youth" - Psychic drawing in old age - Meolo (VE) - Italy. 

Exhibition event organized after a series of 12 monthly meetings, to encourage the free pictorial expression of a group of elderly people, showcasing their amazing paintings.

15 September - 6 October 2018 - collective exhibition event organized and promoted by Franca Dariol:

"Psychic art - collective - Artistic expression guided by psychic sensitivity" - Meolo, (VE) Italy.

The artistic expression in pictorial, poetic, photographic, free writing terms, represented by 5 women from different Venetian provinces, who use the same expressive approach.

June 24th - July 22nd 2017 - first personal exhibition:

"The talent of psychic drawing - expression and care of the soul" event organized and promoted by Franca Dariol aimed at making known a different approach to drawing and painting, art_therapy, close to the world of abstractionism and surrealism.

On display: the first abstract portraits - free drawings - concept drawings - themed drawings. Meaning of colors.

22 July 2017 - closing event of the previous one:

"Abracadabra between dream and reality, we are in the middle": the Lombard poet and writer Flora Gravina presents and explains a selection of her poems, combined with the projection of some drawings by Franca Dariol - Meolo (VE).

80 years:

Participations in various group exhibitions in the province of Treviso - Italy.

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