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Some biographical notes:

Giancarlo TURCHINI was born in Rome in 1957. His studio and his home is in Montepulciano (Siena) Self taught Since the years when attending elementary school proved prone for arti.Le first works date from the early '70s. Abandoning their studies after high school he devoted himself with indefatigable spirit seeking new pictorial reality. Some travel in Europe and in several Italian regions gave him opportunity to know most aspects of life, and habits, places, people. Meanwhile the love for painting was grown and decided to present some of his works to important events. Technique: Oil

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Exhibitions and Awards: Exhibition gallery contemporary artists Leonardo da Vinci-Rome 1979 -Prize Court of Rome 1979- Prize exhibition of graphic arts and visual-Roma 1980- silver cup award "Universal Organization -Milano 1981 Oscar-Award Gold" Paese Sera " Palazzo delle Esposizioni -Roma 1979-Personal Gallery Leonardo da Vinci-Rome-1981 gold Award Oscar for the Arts and Industry Times Mid-1980 Rome-trophy Participation 27 ° day for lepers in 1981-Rome trophy Seven hills of Rome 1981 Rome-Paris-silver Plaque "Don Luigi Sturzo" 1981-Rome silver Plaque "trophy Eve 1982 Rome-Big trophy Medal" Italian Ars "Rome-1982-Personal gallery New Figuration Rome 1982 -participation 28 ° gold medal day for lepers in 1982-Roma "1st Competition town of Chiusi" -Siena 1982-Teleuropa Prize "Europe-Peace-Progress Hotel M. d'Anzeglio 1982 Rome Prize-silver cup" homage to Calabria "1983 Catanzaro- Trophy Universal Organization 1983 Albano Laziale-largest prize medal XXIV Fair Grottaferrata 1983-Award" Palette silver 1984 Rome-Personal Vicolo dei Serpenti 1985 Academy Award-Roma.-Guglielmo Marconi 1985- Cup d ' silver Region Lazio Sant'Angelo Romano Guidonia 1985-Award for Foreign vignette of satire in 1985-Prize cup Politics Astra 1986 Rome-IV International Prize "The Pallas Veliterna" Velletri Roma 1986- Solo Exhibition Airport M. De Bernardi Pomezia 1987-Prize Medallion Colosseum Roma 2000- Prize gold Medal Cosmo Roma 2000-shows various extemporaneous and collective. 2010 Solo Exhibition Storage Central A.M. Monterotondo-Rome Theater of Castor -Roma 2010-Collective 1st Competition Mimmo Canonico Guidonia 2011- First Place Competition Online "Artantis" from March to June 2011-Ranked first on-line competition "Artantis" from July to September 2011 to 1 ° Fontenuova International sculpture Symposium and the Kermesse of Art (Accad.Belle Arts Frosinone-Acc.Belle Arts Viterbo-Municipality Fontenuva RM) 2011-Group Exhibition SPAZIOFFICINA 2011 Rome- Prize 5th edition Pentart 2011 Rome-Prize Boè Art market in 2011 -Rassegna Sacred Art Galleria Borghese Mentana 2011-Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Garlands of 2011-2012 Author Gallery New Arcadia Monterotondo-


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