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Gianfranco Bianchi was born in Massa (Italy) in 1962, he lives in Pistoia and has been painting for several years. He comes from an artistic past of music evolved since 2003 with the painting in the realization of “True False of Author”. 

He started painting original works in 2009. The main technique used is Dripping and his works therefore belong to the Artistic current called “Abstract Expressionism”. The Art Gallery of reference is Merlino Bottega d’Arte in Florence.

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"Passing from the Microcosm" - Solo exhibition at Museo Lechi of Montichiari (November 2016);

"Passing from the Microcosm" - Solo exhibition at Museo Bergomi of Montichiari (October- November 2016);

"Apuan quarries. From Cardoso to Arni of Stazzema, from Altissimo to Seravezza, to Massa and to Carrara" - Group exhibition at  Casa della Cultura - Cardoso (September 2016);

"The universe of the self" - Group exhibition at Associazione Nuovi Sentieri - Genova (April 2016);

"The hypnotist labirint" - Art progest at Palazzo Gallio - Gravedona (CO) - (March - May 2016);

"ArtProtagonist 2015" - Group exhibition at Villa Contarini (Dicember - January  2016);

"The Cycle of Life" -Solo exhibition at the Casa del Mantegna of Mantova (November - January 2016);

"Galaxies" – Solo exhibition at the Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti (July - September 2015);

“The Art and the Time "- Group exhibition at the Palace of Giureconsulti in Milan - Official Expo event in town - (June 2015);

" Davide Foschi - Metateismo: Vanguard Movement 2012/2015" - Exhibition at the Museum of Art and Science of Milan - (June 2015);
"The many faces of Venice" - National exhibition at the Centre San Vidal - Scoletta of San Zaccaria - Venice (February 2015);
"The Evolutionary - the Metateismo and the avant-garde of the XXI Century" - Exhibition at the Centre Leonardo da Vinci in Milan (February 2015);
"Galaxies" – Solo exhibition at the Gallery Maison d'Art in Padua (January - February 2015);
" Solo exhibition at Villa Giorgia" - Pistoia (December 2014);
"The Fleeting moment " - Group exhibition at Monumental Complex of San Giovanni-Addolorata in Rome, edited by Urbis et Artis (Nov.2014);
"In Search of Life, to the discovery of Origins" – Solo exhibition at the Merlino Bottega d'Arte Gallery in Florence (September 2014);
 "Diana Musolino Award " - Group exhibition with the Movement of Metateismo in the town of Pizzo (July - August 2014);
 "red colour" - Group exhibition at the ArtExpertise Gallery in Florence (June-July 2014);
"First National Conference of the Metateismo Movement" - Group exhibition at the Theatre of Vattaro (June 2014);
"Monochromes" - Group exhibition at M4A-Made4Art Gallery in Milan (February 2014);
"ArteGenova" - Small solo exhibition at the 10th Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art with the Giò Gallery of Lucca (February 2014);
"ArtePadova" - 24th Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art with the Wikiarte Gallery of Bologna (November 2013);
"Singles" - Group exhibition at the RossoCinabro Gallery in Rome - (October 2013);
"Art says NO! YES emotions NO violence" - Charity event in Milan with the Movement of Metateismo (October 2013);
"Three Steps in delirium: Fellini, Truffaut, Kubrick" - Group exhibition at the Wikiarte Gallery in Bologna (September 2013);
"Artistic Sensations" - Group exhibition at the Mentana Gallery in Florence in collaboration with the Wikiarte Gallery (April 2013);
"The Dripping ... my way" – Solo exhibition at the Gallery Wikiarte in Bologna (May 2013);
"Small Wonders" - Group exhibition at Linea Spazio Arte Contemporanea in Florence (April-May 2013);
"Six Artists for six regions" - Group exhibition at the art Gallery La Telaccia in Turin (April 2013);
"Face to face" - Solo exhibition at Garage Bonci in Pietrasanta (March-April 2013);
"Apocalypse or New Age?" - Exhibition - Solo exhibition at the Wikiarte Gallery in Bologna (September-October 2012);
"Artistic Palio of Milan" - Group exhibition at the Isimbardi Palace in Milan with Ars Maiora (September 2012);
" Exhibition at Doria Castel in Dolceacqua" - Group exhibition organized by Varaggio Art (June-July 2012);
"Artists in the Santa Croce" - Group exhibition at the Simboli Art Gallery in Florence (February 2012);
"The Apparent Chaos" – Solo exhibition at the Wikiarte Gallery in Bologna (December 2011);
" Group exhibition at Am Art Gallery in Brussels" (June 2011);
"Speaking of Art ... the diversity" - Solo exhibition in Pistoia with the Cultural Association Della Robbia (April 2011);
" Solo exhibition of Gianfranco Bianchi" - Solo exhibition at the Café du Globe in Pistoia (February-March 2011);
"Ausstellung Kleinformate 2010" - Group exhibition in Meisterschwanden (Switzerland) at the Kunst Forum International (December 2010);
"Triennial of Abstract and Surreal" - Group exhibition at Romanian Accademy in Rome with the Il Trittico Arte Gallery (July 2010);
"ArtePordenone" - Group exhibition in Pordenone with Artpoint Florence Gallery (April 2010);

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