It born in Cagliari.

Given the strong aptitude for drawing and modeling, from an early age, attending the Art School appears as the natural outlet to accommodate the feeling with the arts.

In the specialist preparatory course for entry into the Academy, he is fortunate to have as many well-known artists as teachers Foiso Fois (for the study of the figure); Pinuccio Sciola, (for sculpture and modeled) and again, Gaetano Brundu, Mirella Mibelli and Rosanna Rossi.

After graduation he enrolled at the University of Florence where he attended the Faculty of Architecture. This City, very stimulating, has been central to his training.

In 98 he graduated in Architecture with specialization in restoration but on a curriculum that follows a more multidisciplinary approach of knowledge coming out a bit 'of the schemes that lead to a very specialized preparation.

He is interested in various disciplines ranging from sociology, cultural anthropology, and even from descriptive geometry to industrial design, the history of criticism etc.

Discusses a thesis with technological Guideline entitled "solutions with steps for an urban habitat" wich stigmatize the conception specialist sets to represent symbolically his own holistic worldview.

It falls later in Cagliari where he lives he is interested in architecture design and painting.