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Bossa Giuseppe was born in Naples on 7/06/1947, from an early age he showed interest in art by starting the study of self-taught oil techniques; he began his career by participating in the first regional competitions. During his life he exhibited in Naples (Hotel Excelsior 1988, Galleria Scarlatti 1995), Milan (Brera 1993), Pordenone, Parma, Positano, Sorrento (Conservatory of Santa Maria delle Grazie 2017), Capri and Venice after his death (show biennial edited by Vittorio Sgarbi 2019). After publishing a bibliography at the Scarlatti Gallery in 1995, edited by the Neapolitan journalist Genny Bruzzano and Riccardo Notte, professor of cultural anthropology of the Brera Academy, published by Pubblitaf. Giuseppe Bossa has retired from the Italian art scene since 2000 following his spouse's illness. A fundamental element of Giuseppe Bossa's art is the analysis of the existential landscapes of the human soul; the vicissitudes and joys that every man lives in his earthly life in particular suffering, the main cause of a rejection for the wickedness of the human being. An important part of the production of Bossa Giuseppe is represented by the real pictorial productions in miniature real works realized on supports of dimension in some cases also inferior to the centimeter; these works were exhibited at the Monti Jewelry Store in Naples. He died on 17 May 2018 in Naples.

The page on the site is managed by the heirs.

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1974 - 1st "Emerging Artist" Award - Afragola

Personal Exhibitions - Hotel Excelsior, Naples

Staff - Pozzuoli. With the patronage of the Campania Region

Personal in Capri, Parma, Pordenone and Positano

1994 - Personal - National American Gallery

1995 - Personal - Scarlatti Gallery, Naples. Participation of some personalities of the Accademia di Brera including Prof. Riccardo Notte.

1996 - Personal - Accademia di Brera, Milan

Publication "Giuseppe Bossa: The colors of the art", published by Prof. Night and the journalist Genny Bruzzano (Napoli night journalist and journalist for Rome)

Hosted in Canale 21 with Andrea Torino, the artist sells the Deity Defeated Deity

Hosted in Rai with Emilio Ravel

2017 - Personal - Conservatory of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Sorrento (After retiring from the artistic world

After his death, the heir Gennaro Galano brings the works of Giuseppe Bossa to the following exhibitions:

2019 - Video-exhibition - Canary Islands. Wins the "Bienal De Canarias" Award

2019 - Collective Exhibition "Pro Biennale" curated by Vittorio Sgarbi - Venice

Video-exhibition "Masters of Italy Trophy" - Florence

Publication on "Art Now" of the work "Occult World"

Collective Exhibition "Spoleto Arte" during the Festival of Two Worlds - Palazzo Leti Sansi, Spoleto. Critical analysis of the curator Salvo Nugnes

Video-exhibition "Culture and Identity Award" with the work "Eurema" pre-selected by Leonarda Zappulla (scientific committee member) - La Spezia

October 2019 - Collective Exhibition "XII Florence Florence Biennale" - Fortezza da Basso

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