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Born in Sanremo in 1978, I live in a small seaside village, Riva Ligure. The passion for

art begins with adolescence but over the years I understand that painting is a

means to express what I can not communicate verbally, is my strength

better expressive, the one that comes more directly to the heart. The desire to take out

from family intimacy the multiple expressions of my being has become incessant no longer

negligible and I love to think of involving the sensations and the experience of those who look at mine

Creations. Each of my paintings comes from an idea, a thought, sometimes from an image of life

everyday. The reflection on them leads to the essence that I translate into a visual work.

I diversify the techniques and colors so that every stroke, every color can express to the

better what I intend to achieve as a concept, also using recycled material. In the

2009 I start to develop a technique that I call straight / reverse, still evolving. Are

an artist who wants to explore the soul and gratify all the senses of the human being,

analyzing them with heart and brain.

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