Passionate self-taught artist, she likes to experiment different techniques and materials. She loves recycling and supports the idea that everyone can potentially paint with everything.

She has recently become very active at national and international level.

Thanks to her version of the “Starry night”, she was selected in 2020 for the international Van Gogh Prize organised by

She took part in a virtual exhibition at the International Contemporary Art Salon organised by art3f in Haute Savoie at the beginning of October 2021.

She recently displayed some of her artworks in a collective exhibition at Galleria Florida in Arona, Italy.

She has been chosen among the finalists at the DeSidera International Art Festival in Trieste, Italy, where she is currently exhibiting.

She has also been selected for the Qatar International Art Festival 2021, which took place in Doha from 25th until 28th of October 2021.

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