'Impressions on canvas' series

Impression on canvas is a series which was conceived and developed after the arrival in Qatar, in December 2020. After months of total lockdown in Italy, divided from her close family and with a little child to take care of, this series is a personal as well as an artistic rebirth. The artist took a canvas in her hands after a long pause, willing to explore “new” techniques. It is a sort of spring on canvas, with her heart always looking back at her homeland, Sardinia. Yet, it leaves space for different looks and interpretations. All paintings are made with acrylic colours and with the use of a sponge. The “impression” comes from the mark left by the sponge, which is pressed or shaken with a semicircular movement on the canvas, as well as from the blurred effect obtained layering different colours and shades: a sort of impressionist attempt in a modern way.